Best Pub-Crawls in Chicago

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Pub Crawls in Chicago

In order to spice up the possible things to do in Chicago, IL, attending an organized event with a bunch of enthusiastic, like-minded folk is an excellent option. Get together a group of close friends with a night on the town while imbibing some drinks, and you are on your way to a memorable night!Chicago is no shy town when it comes to pubs, taverns and bars. In fact, deciding which to visit and which to skip can be the challenge. One pub crawl intriguing theme is the “Literary Pub Crawl.” It is based around bars in the area that were formerly frequented by famous authors, or by current ones. Bars such as the Green Mill and Billy Goat Tavern will meet your reading and drinking needs. See more info here.

You could also give the “Hyde Park Pub Crawl” a go. Many cherished establishments find their home in this neighborhood of Chicago, like Cove Lounge and Woodlawn Tap. With six bars on the crawl in all, you will have plenty to see and do. Catch the full layout and details right here.

Of the things to do in Chicago, IL, these are sure to be thrilling!